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When away from home it can be a challenge to clean around the stoma

In situations where access to tap water and/or proper cleaning facilities are limited it can be a challenge to clean properly around the stoma. See below for recommendations.


  • The skin must be completely clean and dry in order to obtain optimal adhesion. Make sure you use a soft material to dap the moist away. If a hair dryer is available to you, this can also be used to dry the area around the stoma. Use it from a suitable distance and not too warm air. 
  • It can be a challenge to keep the skin dry during application if output is continuously coming out of the stoma. It might help to wrap a little gauze around the stoma while changing to absorb output. 

  • You may wish to take a small water bottle of water with you while you are out and about, in case you do not have access to running water.

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