How to get your stoma products

Know your options when ordering your stoma products.

There are many changes that impact your life following stoma surgery. One area that will become an important part of your routine is your stock. You may be wondering: "How will I get my stoma products once I get home?"

When you’re discharged from hospital your nurse will give you a small supply of products to cover you for a few days to a week. You’ll need to think about ordering enough supplies to keep you going for a month and then develop an ordering routine.


You need to contact your GP and ask them to issue a prescription for the product advised by your nurse. You can then take this along to your pharmacy who will be able to supply or order your products for you.

When should I reorder?

You should place your order when you have two weeks’ worth of products left, to ensure there’s plenty of time to arrange your prescription. Whilst it might be tempting to build up a stockpile of supplies, in case you need them, this usually leads to product being wasted unnecessarily. Just order what you need. No more, no less.


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