Male Bladder Incontinence - try a discreet solution with Conveen

Male bladder incontinence is often treated using absorbent products such as pads and pants. Alternative and discreet solutions such as Conveen sheaths and urine bags have proven to improve quality of life compared to absorbent products. 

The most important thing to remember before trying sheaths and urine bags is to find the product combination which best suits your lifestyle. Here you will find details of our discreet male incontinence solution which includes Conveen sheaths and a selection of urine drainage bags. Take the 2 minute assessment to find your solution.

Why choose Conveen urine bags?

Why Conveen®?

If managed correctly, there is no reason to let urinary incontinence hold you back. Learn more about Conveen products

Conveen® is a discreet, reliable alternative to absorbent solutions[JL1] . Instead of merely being absorbed, urine gets funnelled away from your body and stored in a discreet bag secured comfortably to your leg.  This keeps you dry and comfortable. So you can maintain focus on more interesting things.

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 Urisheath    Urine night bag    

Solution of sheaths and leg bags

How it works

The Conveen solution is actually two products - a sheath worn over the penis connected to a bag worn on the leg. Two products but one discreet and reliable solution that makes you feel secure all day. More on the Conveen solution

Two products, one discreet and reliable solution that makes you feel secure all day.

Conveen Sheat Conveen Bag

1. A sheath - Conveen Optima

  • The Conveen Optima sheath is worn over the penis and held on by a gentle adhesive

  • Conveen Optima sheaths are available in a range of sizes to ensure secure fit 

2. A urine bag - such as Simpla Profile or Conveen Active

  • Worn over the thigh or calf

  • There are several bag options to choose from, depending on your particular needs.

  • A night bag is also available to give you a full night's sleep


3. Customise solution

  • The sheath connects to a urine-collection bag and held securely by an aquasleeve

  • Urine is channelled into the bag and contained discreetly

  • Urine is then emptied via a tap mechanism at your convenience

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