Brava Protective Seal

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Brava Protective Seal is proven to significantly reduce leakage compared to other seals on the market.*


Leakage and skin irritation are common challenges for people with a stoma. A key cause is poor product fit.

Brava Protective Seals are designed to improve product fit by sealing the gap between the stoma and the baseplate.

*BPS Leakage Test: Coloplast Lab Report. 2020 (tested against Dansac TRE Seals, Eakin Cohesive Seals, Hollister CeraRings, Salts Mouldable Seals with Aloe, Welland Hyperseals® with Manuka Honey, ConvaTec Stomahesive® Seals). Data on file. VV-0283280

Securing the right fit

Designed to protect against leakage and skin issues

Leakage can be caused by a poorly fitting baseplate and there is a significant correlation between leakage frequency and the severity of the peristomal skin condition.1

That’s why securing the right fit to body is key.

Brava Protective Seals are designed to improve product fit by sealing the gap between the stoma and baseplate.

93%2 of users said they felt more or as secure with Brava Protective Seal compared to their current seal.

1. WCET journal vol. 36 issue 1, supplement 2016, PM-03439
2. Coloplast, Product Evaluation, Brava Protective Seal, 2017, N=281 users, Data-on-File (VV-0204884)

When can Brava Protective Seal help?

Individual body shapes vary greatly and the shape of the stoma and the contours of the skin area around it will affect product performance.
Lifestyle, weather, movement and sweat will also affect product performance.

Brava Protective Seal helps with challenges such as:


stoma area


Baseplate adhesive

breaks down



stoma shape


and folds

How does it make a difference?

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Questions & answers

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Is the Brava Protective Seal flexible?

The new polymer formulation makes the seal both very flexible and at the same time robust. It stays firmly in place until removal giving the feeling of security and it follows body movements to accommodate an active lifestyle.

Is the seal fit for ileostomy users with an aggressive output?

Yes. The Brava Protective Seal is durable and therefore suitable for people with both an ileostomy and a urostomy. The seal is resistant to the aggressive constituents of output and its high tack makes it stick fast, which is beneficial for people where the speed of product changes is of importance.

Why does it come in so many different sizes?

Varying body profiles and stoma sizes mean that there is a requirement for a range of seal sizes. The Brava Protective Seal comes in 3 different sizes and two different thicknesses to accommodate individual needs.

How do I choose the correct size?

The first step is look at the size of the stoma which will determine the diameter of the starter hole. The Brava Protective Seal comes with a choice of different starter holes. It is important that the starter hole is not bigger than the size of your stoma. It can be smaller as the seal can be stretched.

The second step is to take a look at the area of skin around your stoma. The Brava Protective Seal comes in two thicknesses; 2.5mm and 4.2mm. With only minor creases and folds, the thinner seal is the right option. For areas around the stoma, with deeper creases and folds, the thicker seal would be a better option. 


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