If you have any concerns or issues with catheter insertion, or if you use a special type of tip, e.g. a Tiemann/ Coudé, you should always consult your nurse or doctor before trying a new type of catheter. Please note that this test is not suitable if you use catheterisation to perform dilation.

This Catheter Finder will help you choose a catheter based on four simple questions.You may need a different catheter for different situations and therefore, may benefit from using this tool more than once.

Information about the Male Catheter Finder

The Male Catheter Finder is an online test that takes approximately two minutes to complete. It will ask you a few generic questions about your needs and preferences when catheterising. It is important to choose a catheter that fits your needs. When you are satisfied with your catheter and it fits into your daily life, it is more likely that you will maintain a good routine and will use your catheters as your nurse or doctor have prescribed.

Based on your answers, we will suggest to you one or more Coloplast SpeediCath® catheters, which you can sample for free and try at home. The Catheter Finder is a tool for finding a suitable catheter solution whether you are an experienced or new catheter user. Below, you can see the topics we will ask into:

CQC-regulated Product Specialists

We understand that you maybe unsure if a new product is right for you, which is why our experienced CQC-regulated Product Specialists will guide you through your free sample period and be available with product and lifestyle advice.


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