What is convexity?

Every body is different.

4 out of 5 people* with a stoma have some kind of peristomal challenge (scars, creases, folds, etc) that makes it very difficult for the stoma appliance to get a good fit. Inward stoma areas are particularly challenging, as it is difficult for the stoma appliance to get a good grip in a deep-seated area or to keep skin folds apart.

Inward stoma areas are treated by means of convex solutions. They have a curved shape, a so-called convex shell, that is intended to give pressure around the stoma to make the stoma protrude from the deep-seated area. SenSura® Mio Convex has an adaptive convex shell that provides the necessary stability and support to make the stoma protrude, but at the same the flexibility that enables it to fit to the body and follow the body’s movements. As such, it is the first convex solution that does not compromise between stability and flexibility.

*Source: Coloplast IMS study, 2010. UK, US, DE, FR.

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